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Welcome to Alla Routine! My name is Mina and this is my online blog where I document all things that I want to highlight further. This is in addition to my online diary; my instagram page (@allaroutine). When I started @allaroutine in late 2018, I used it as a creative outlet to express my style but most importantly to share my experience with skincare and beauty products for those who are interested. It is your space for skincare, beauty, hair, travel, tutorials, style and motivation. 

When it comes to skincare I strongly believe in feeding the skin and sticking to a routine long enough to change the skin's memory to remedy our skin concerns and to reach our goals. Usually I keep the same routine for a few months and either add additional steps when needed or substitute one product for another at a time. For me to be able to deliver a thorough review, I test products one at a time for a minimum of 6 weeks. That way, I am sure to give you a proper feedback. 

In addition to my own @allaroutine page, I have also created another page called @allatexture. I see so many creative content creators that photograph the most gorgeous texture shots and I believe they deserve to be acknowledged for their skills. Which, is why I created a hashtag #allatexture and a page. The idea behind it is to share texture shots everyday except of just sharing texture shots on the famous #TextureTuesday! "#AllaTexture Everyday, To Texture Everyday"

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