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Apps-tra! Apps-tra! Read All About It

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Here are all the apps I use for my @allaroutine Instagram account and some I even used before starting my page.

There are three apps that I use the post.

One of the most important apps that I use is Plann That. It is a great app and not only do I use it to plan photos in advance and check how photos look on the grid but I also use the contrast function to edit some photos!

My second go to app is Over, which I use to create graphics for my stories, make texts over a transparent background that I can copy over any photo on my stories.

Now my third go to app is PS Express, which I use to play with highlights, shadow, sharpness, noise, some filters, dehaze, grains, etc. I even used this app before I even started my page.

Is that all? Nope! I am just getting started. I go nuts with apps and always love trying new things and adding a few new touches to some posts. For example glitter! For glitter, I use Meitu and use Prequel to add some more sparkle under the Disco or Diamonds function. One hint with Meitu: in a different app do an overlay of the original and the glitter edited and erase the surroundings (I use Photofox for that)

Regarding frames and animation in my stories: I use Unfold for ready-made frames or Over to create my custom-made frames. Animation: I use Mojo! Now, that is all for my stories. What about the videos in my stories? Or even videos as posts or IGTV? I use the camera from iPhone Xs to record and then use Inshot to edit! It's a simple and easy app to use. If my video is longer than 1 minute than I use an app to cut the video in multiple 15 seconds before uploading it on Instagram.

Lastly, I am really into using filters for some shots and going for a darker theme now. So I am using VSCO filters for those (the two that I use in A4 and J5)

So I think that is all. I tried to keep this as short as possible without having to using bulletpoints and I hope this was helpful! Though, for some more complicated pictures, I do resort to Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 which I have for my computer but I haven't really used that in the past few months. The apps above are more than enough, to be honest!

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