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A Dream Come True 2-Step Skincare AM Routine...After Cleanser Of Course!

I have been wanting a quick morning routine, especially for the summer and says that I am in a rush. I finally found something that suits my skin type and has got everything my skin needs!

I first want to mention the steps that I used to follow for morning skincare routine prior to this: cleanser, toner, essence, serum, eye cream and moisturiser. Which isn't bad, but that before makeup was just too much for me to follow in the morning.

I started looking for a toner that had great ingredients and could substitute my toner, essence, serum and moisturiser. I was asking for too much right?

One of my top three favourite brands is Linda Meredith, so I checked out their site and saw the Hydrating Mist.

What's in the Hydrating Mist?

Hyaluronic Acid: it has high levels of Hyaluronic Acid. As we all know HA holds 1,000 its weight in water and its important to skins structure. It also helps balance the PH of the Skin! ⠀⁣


Oils: I know some consider oils as a big no-no but it works really well! At least for me! It has lavender (anti-septic and helps with acne scarring), rosemary (promotes healthy skin cell growth, diminish damaging effect from radicals, high in antioxidants and restores elasticity), thyme (high anti-bacterial effect similar to benzoyl peroxide) and geranium (as its an astringent, it will help tighten facial skin and slows down the effects of aging). ⠀⁣


Primrose and Pine extracts: Are anti-inflammatory and soothe dry soothe or irritated skin.⠀⁣


Of course there will be times that I may add a step to my routine with either a serum or moisturizer just in case I want to be extra that day! But for me, this hydrating mist is a quick step and gives my skin what it needs.⠀⁣


I do carry this around in my bag as well if I want to freshen up my skin and makeup too! ⠀⁣

What about eye cream?

That would be the Extra-Repair Eye Cream, Bobbi Brown.

Why that specific one?

I enjoy using a thick cream during the day, as we do spent two-thirds of 24 hours awake. This eye cream visibly revives the eye, it targets dark circles and fine lines as well. It is important to warm it up with your fingers and then dabbing it in using your ring finger. Also, it may be on the pricey side, but it is well worth it.

The eye cream does expire at 6 months. You may even have a lot left over. I could say "Oh, I wish it expired at 9 months or even 12 month, but then there will be more chemical ingredients in it. So, silver lining!

It's got green tea (anti-oxident), clary sage ferment (aids collage productions), apple, olive, wheat bran, argireline (protects skins moisture barrier), mulberry, grape seed oil, etc

So, do you just apply makeup right after these two steps?

Yes, but keep in mind, that I do use a good primer before applying makeup. There are two that I am enjoying. One is the Continuum from Elysian Cosmetics NY. I love it! The other is from the Original line of Origins (the primer or moisturiser which stops pores from getting clogged and they recommend it as a "primer)

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