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Checks and Balances

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

This is definitely not your check and balances system in #finance but this is what your ski needs twice a day! Perfect for all skin types. @Origins

This frothy face wash is brilliant! There are so many different trends in our skin routine that are around and this gives us the opportunity to go back to our basics.

Origins claims that their frothy face wash balances faces with dry and oily places, leaving the skin feeling comfortably clean and not pulled or my thought on this? I totally agree. From the moment I used it, I loved it!

What triggered me to buy the cleanser? Its the tourmaline that attracted me. On Origins website, it states that Tourmaline is one of the active ingredients and that was very exciting for me. It seems that they have used the pink tourmaline in their cleanser based on the photo.

What's the big deal about tourmaline?

'These beautiful semiprecious stones spread a beautiful energy around us, so how great is it that it is infused in your cleanser that you use twice a day ' - Alla Routine

Tourmaline is a semiprecious stone mainly found in many Afghasistan, Pakistan, Brazil, China, Africa and the State of California is the United States. It comes in black, green, pink & white. What's the difference, its just colour isn't it? The compound makes it different ergo the benefits are different. It is a stone compounded with elements such as iron, magnesium, sodium or potassium. I will write on the pink one as that is what Origins has used in Check and Balance. Pink Tourmaline (also known as Rubellite) is mainly found in Brazil and Sri Lanka. Pink Tourmaline, like Rose Quartz is associated with the Heart Chakra, for those who like to meditate.

As for its benefits on the skin? Tourmaline is famous for its properties of being pyroelectric which means that it will elecally be charged upon being rubbed. The heat created from that can have a soothing experience to the skin and will stimulate blood flow which can lead to skin vitality and skin brightening. Compared to Rose Quartz, Pink Tourmaline offers a higher vibration. Ergo, the healing properties for the skin are much higher as well.

Wow, now what about the other ingredients?

Let's start with aromas and first the Lavender. Lavender is healing and calming. It's perfect to calm painful spots and act as an healing agent. Spearmint aroma and the broad leaf extract help prevents your skin from breaking out whilst controlling excess oil and I have not had that problem ever since I started using it.

Personal experience with Check and Balance.

Like I mentioned at the beginning, I loved it! As soon as you use it, you really feel like your skin has deeply been cleansed and you're skin still feels hydrated after. You also don't need to use a big amount to create that frothy texture! Also, what's great is that it comes in 50 ml making it a perfect travel companion.

"A clean face is a happy face!" Alla Routine

Don't forget to wash your face twice a day. This applies to all those who haven't worn makeup on that day. You gave to get rid of the bacteria, pollutants, debris and dirt twice a day.

Tell me!

I always like hearing from you all and what you do in your daily routine! #LoveMySkin

XOXO Alla Routine

* I bought this product myself.

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