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Getting To Know My Skin...With A Machine

Ever wondered if you're doing your routine right? How your skin is? I highly recommend getting a skin analysis done at Biologique Recherche with their Skin Instant Lab machine. I finally know my skin type, I always thought I had combo skin but I was wrong.


What is Skin Instant Lab?

Skin Instant Lab is a machine that analysis your skin. The machine is linked to a computed with an exclusive software developed by Biologique Recherche. The analysis consists of five probes, hydration, trans-epidermal water loss, elasticity, pigmentation and sebum levels.

'The best thing you could do, is to get to know your skin' - Alla Routine

What were your results?

I did the Skin Instant Lab in the morning. I was told to come in with a clean skin, so no makeup, no product, no nothing. I misunderstood that a bit, cause I thought that just means I should wash my face with my cleanser and go for the skin analysis. But I was actually suppose to go as natural as possible with just products I used the night before. That way I would've had a better accurate result.

My skin was slightly dehydrated in the morning and she said that is normal since it is the morning and I had cleansed my face with a product. My trans-epidermal water loss level was normal, my elasticity was great, which made me real happy cause that was a sign that I have been doing things right and I was real nervous for that result, I don't have a pigmentation problem and my sebum levels were ok (then again I had nothing on my face at that moment, just a cleansed face). So she thought that by the afternoon the levels of hydration and sebum level may improve. So when you book your appointment make sure you don't make the same mistake I made.

Did they recommend any changes in your current skincare routine?

Based on the results and our conversation, she thought my current routine was good.

Did they give you any tips for your routine?

She did! This wasn't an advice for me specifically but an advise for everyone.

1st advise: don't use eye cream at night, you need to use something lighter such as a serum or concentrate. She said heavy products could cause further issues and can delay results

2nd advise: don't use a physical exfoliator, ever!

3rd advise: must cleanse your face day and night!

Did I make any changes based on the advise given?

The only change that I made was that I don't use a physical exfoliator every day now. I do use a scrub no (with no beads) everyday now

BUT, I enjoy using my physical exfoliators so I can't see myself cutting those our of my routine and they work great for my skin. I do use a physical once in a while or once a week. My favourite enzyme peel has beads in it and I will never throw that out of my life haha

I do agree on lighter products for the eye at night. I myself use a cream for the day and a concentrate at night. Tho, I am currently looking for a serum since I am running out of my concentrate.

What samples did they give you?

She gave the chemical exfoliating lotion, serum and cream.

Did you use their recommend products from their own brand?

I honestly only used the sample of the chemical exfoliating lotion (the P50W) but my skin doesn't respond well to glycolic acid.

''You yourself, know your skin better than anyone else, but this machine gives a more in-depth analysis' - Alla Routine

The good news is that Biologique Recherché is almost available in every country, so you should be able to get the Skin Instant Lab done in your country. It only costs €35.- to get it done too. If not, there must be another place where they can analyse your skin!

Hope you enjoyed this read!

XOXO Alla Routine

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