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Routine Basics...Very Basics

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

What order do I apply my skin care routine? Are you wondering the same? Does it matter? Keep reading!

The first thing we think about when we want to improve our skin is "I need a good face cream" or "I need a good mask". We don't really think about the rest or what order we need to layer our products in. Often, we think the problem is with the product where in fact the problem is that we are missing some steps.

Layering, why?

'Layering your skin care product is the only way to get the full potential benefit out of your products' - Alla Routine

After my skin going through...hell...that is the right word. I started to research to see what I need to do. After months of trying on new face creams and not being fully satisfied, I started to think of what my beauty therapists used to do when I went for facials.

How to layer your skin care products?

In one sentence: start with the thinnest product and follow up with the thicket product. May seem a bit broad, right? Keep reading!

Step 1. Cleanser

In the morning and evening, splash your face with warm water and wash your face with a foam cleanser designed for your skin type and concerns.

Step 2. Toner

This is THE step after cleanser. Toners are so important to use. It helps the skin restore its right pH balance after it become too basic with your face wash. It absorbs quickly into your skin and leaves your skin feeling refreshed.

Step 2.5 Essence

I love this step! I feel that this is the step that prepares your skin for treatments. This step can be skipped but I wouldn't recommend that.

Step 3. Serum

Serums are very concentrated treatments that address specific concerns. This is a must before applying the next step.

Step 4. Eye Cream

The skin around our eyes so sensitve and delicate. It really needs our TLC. A good eye cream is very important.

Step 5. Moisturiser

Moisturzing your face so so so important, even if you have oily skin. Hydration is key, even for your skin.

Step 6. Lip Balm

Never forget to hydrate your lips with your favourite moisturiser during the day and right before going to bed!

Step. 6.5 Protect - 50 SPF

Protect your skin! SPF! You need sunscreen, during the day only (obviously haha)! This is what we always here. However, the problem is they usually fail to mention that the effects of the SPF cream lasts only for a couple hours and you need to keep reapplying otherwise its not really protecting now, is it?

"This will only take about 5-7 min of your time. But the benefits are timeless" All Routine

This was just a very basic step of what you need to do. I will be writing more on what the benefits are in more detail in my future posts.

Tell me!

I always like hearing from you all and what you do in your daily routine! #LoveMySkin

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1 Comment

Aug 28, 2018

This is amazing! I was aware of the steps, but one thing that was real helpful was step 6!!! I never thought of nurturing my lips, especially at night!! Keep it up!

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