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Updated: Nov 21, 2018

I am so excited to introduce a homemade (DIY) toner with you that I have been using for the past few weeks and it has been working wonders for my pores. My skin feel extremely soft and it is extremely refreshing. This is perfect for all skin types!

What's in it?

A simple combination of cucumbers, dried rose buds, roobois tea and chamomile tea! Cucumbers has skincare benefits including vitamin C and caffeic acid, which helps inflamed or irritated skin and helps heal the skin. It helps fend off signs of aging, sun damage, hyper pigmentation and so forth. That is not the only ingredient that contains vitamin C, the rose buds do too. Rose is also perfect for hydration! Now, Let's talk tea. What is chamomile tea good for? It is an excellent natural skin bleach. Isn't nature grand? It helps lighten your complexion and help blur out spots. Did you know that Rooibos tea has 50 times more antioxidant compared to your average green tea? The antioxidant properties plays as an anti-acing agent for your skin. It will also act as a natural anti-bacterial agent. Also, since rooibos has high levels of flavonoid it will help prevent skin disorders such as eczema and acne. Lastly, it is rich in many vitamins and mineral especially vitamin D which will promote that natural glow!

'Love feeling refreshed and revitalised all day everyday' - Alla Routine

How do I make it?

You will need a pot! You first need to boil the cucumbers in water for about 10-15 minutes. This next part is important! Please make you don't use tab water but filtered water or bottled water. This is really important! How much water do I used? 1/2 Cup. Once you've boiled these two together for 15 minutes, turn off the stove and add the rose buds, chamomile and rooibos tea. Let it cool. Take the liquid and pour it into an amber glass bottle with dropper (make sure the bottle is clean and disinfected). I personally like keeping it in the fridge, that way I can help my pores minimise after using a cleanser or scrub.


Filtered Water: 1/2 Cup

Rose Buds: 5-6 Buds

Chamomile Tea: 1 Teaspoon

Rooibos Tea: 1 Tablespoon

Cucumber: Half a cucumber (or a full cucumber if you're using the small ones)

This toner will last somewhere between 10-14 days. I use it twice a day!

When do I use this toner?

Toners are very important, you need to use it right after your cleansing routine and before you apply anything else. It is also great to use right before putting your mask on. It helps the skin restore its right pH balance after it become too basic with your face wash. It absorbs quickly into your skin and leaves your skin feeling refreshed.

All you need to is to add a few drops of this toner onto your cotton pad and then apply it all over the face! Some people I know decided to put it in an amber glass spray bottle. So that may be an option for you too. I personally prefers the dropper.

Tell me!

I always like hearing from you all and what toner you use! #LoveMySkin

Don't forget to tag me in your photos on instagram and let me know how you like it!

XOXO Alla Routine

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